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Some of the largest birds of prey in the world are tropical eagles. Among the most powerful of these is the harpy eagle, which weighs about 4.8 kg (about 10.5 lb). As an inhabitant of lowland virgin forests from southern Mexico to northern Argentina, it has become critically endangered with the ongoing loss of its habitat. It feeds principally on arboreal mammals such as monkeys, sloths, and opossums. Its back is slatey black and its underparts are white, with a black band across the upper chest. Its pale gray head is crowned with a double crest which, when erected, gives the bird a somewhat owl-like appearance.
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The Harpy Eagle, National Bird of Panama
This young specimen was photographed at Summit Gardens, Panama.

In the Summit Grdens of Panama, they have a large cage just for the the breeding of the Harpy Eagle which is an endangared species.  This image was caught with the F100 and 80-200/2.8D lens and Kodak negative film.